Ultralight Workstand

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The Pro Ultralight Repair Stand is perfect for racers, triathletes or weekend riders. More compact than any other stand, and yet features a pro quality head and construction.

The Slide Lock Clamp can be simply slid into position, then tightened. Releasing is just as easy, just loosen the knob a turn then slide out the jaw. The Pro Ultralight Stand has a stable tripod design, aluminium quick release clamps and a folding head.

  • Slide-Lock Clamp rotates 360°
  • Precision adjustable clamp force
  • More compact folded size
  • Ultra light weight: 10.6lbs (4.8kg)
  • Adjustable height; stable tripod design

Click here for fork mount general care and axle configurations.

    • Product Weight: 10.6lbs (4.8kg) 
    • Work Height 37″ – 59″ (96cm – 147cm)
    • Clamp- spinner clamp opening -0.75" -1.9" (1.9cm - 4.8cm) 
    • Base Diameter 54" (137cm)
    • Folded Size  5″ x 6″ x 37.75″ (12.7cm x 16.8cm x 95.9cm)
    • Load Capacity 85lbs. (38.6kg)
    • Jaw width 3.66" (9.3cm)
    • 360° Rotating Slide-Lock Clamp with Unique Torque Amplifying Clutch
    • Load Capacity 85lbs.  (38kgs)