Digital Caliper

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Cycling specific all-metal digital caliper, great for measuring seat posts, bottom brackets, stems and more. Bicycle specific reference chart printed on back. 

  • Measures inside, outside, and depth
  • Precision to .01mm
  • Unit dimension table printed on caliper for quick reference
  • Display switches easily between inches and millimeters
  • Protective carrying case included
        • 6″ (150mm) overall measurement length
        • Bicycle specific look-up table
        • Measures inside, outside, and depth dimensions
        • Stainless hardened metal body / Metal display housing with large lcd
        • Auto shut-off to save battery (included)
        • Measures in sae (inches) and metric (mm)
        • Graduations: 0.0005″/0.01mm
        • Zero setting at any position
        • 1.55v battery included
        • 1-year warranty