Bottom Bracket / Lockring Tool

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3:1 Bottom Bracket, Cassette and Rotor Lockring Tool

What could be more beautiful than this bottom bracket and rotor locking tool? That’s right, this bottom bracket spanner also features a precision lockring tool for cassettes and disc brake rotors (12mm standard and 15mm oversize lockrings).

Whether you are home or professional bicycle mechanic, save space and weight in your garage, bike shop or portable tool kit – with this 3-in-1 tool.

Constructed from cast and hardened CrV tool steel, this tool is a one-time purchase, guaranteed. Available separately or in our Team Edition Tool Kit.

  • Fits Shimano® & SRAM® cassette lockring
  • External bottom bracket tool
  • Centerlock brake tool.
  • Cast steel
  • Limited lifetime warranty.