Bottle Service – Bottle Opener

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If there ever was an accessory that’ll surely make you the most popular bike mechanic at the trailhead or race, it is without a doubt, the Bottle Opener.

And let’s be honest, there’s a right way and a wrong way to open a bottle of your cold beverage. It doesn’t include the spokes on a spinning bike wheel, your teeth, a lighter, or your best friend’s forehead.

The Feedback Sports Bottle Opener is the repair stand accessory that’s always a conversation starter. Plus, it mounts securely onto any of our upright repair stands

            • Polished nickel finish
            • Maximise your like-ability and reputation at the trails and races
            • Saves teeth, spokes, skin and other innocent bystanders by providing a proper solution to opening a bottle
            • Precision machined, nickel-plated finish will last a lifetime
            • “Where’s my bottle opener?”….never again.