Expedition Digital Scale

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Portable Precision Weighing Scale

”How much does it weigh?”  Since man has ventured in to the great outdoors this has been the constant question.

Whether it’s a backpack, boots, food , or even water, weight matters. The Expedition Scale was one of the first Feedback Sports products and it was the first digital weight scales designed to manage heavy loads with exceptional precision. Unmatched consistency and accuracy; it can go quickly between pounds decimal, pounds and ounces, grams and kilograms with ±10g accuracy. 

The Expedition Scale is also great for weighing backpacks, luggage and any other outdoor equipment. 

      • 50kg (110 lbs) max capacity
      • 20g (0.04 lb), display resolution
      • +/-20 gram accuracy
      • Rugged shock-resistant housing
      • Easy to read LCD display
      • Zero / tare function
      • Kg / Lbs / Oz selection
      • Auto shut-off saves power
      • (4)AAA batteries included
      • 1-year warranty