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Digital Vernier Measurement Caliper

What size bottom bracket do I need? What size seatpost do I have? What size bearings do I need for my headset? All valid questions for home bike mechanics and professionals alike. 

Our Digital Caliper with LCD display is twice as accurate as competitors and sets the benchmark for Imperial and Metric measurement – with an accuracy of 0.01mm (0.0004") and a 15cm (6") capacity.

Bicycle specific reference chart printed on back. 

  • Measures inside, outside, and depth
  • Precision to 0.01mm
  • Unit dimension table printed on caliper for quick reference
  • Display switches easily between inches and millimetres
  • Protective carrying case included.
        • 150mm (6") overall measurement length
        • Bicycle specific look-up table
        • Measures inside, outside, and depth dimensions
        • Stainless hardened metal body / Metal display housing with large lcd
        • Auto shut-off to save battery (included). Measures in metric (mm) and inches 
        • Graduations: 0.01mm (0.0005")
        • Zero setting at any position
        • 1.55v battery included
        • 1-year warranty.