Steel Core Tyre Levers / Disk Brake Pad Spreader

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2:1 Tyre Lever & Disc Brake Tool

Getting your bike tire off shouldn't be an extra big chore. Which is why our Steel Core Tyre Levers have a hardened (CrV tool steel) core to prevent flex and breakage. Plus, each lever has a spoke attachment to provide maximum leverage as well as secure removal. 

In addition to this, the integrated polymer tab allows you to properly spread hydraulic disc brake pads. 

A true roadside or trailside 2-in-1 companion, our Steel Core Tyre Levers make inferior tyre removal tools a thing of the past.

Available individually, or found in our Ride Prep and Team Edition Tool Kit.

  • Hardened CrV tool steel core prevents flex and breakage*
  • Spoke hook on each lever
  • High-density polymer protects your rim and promotes smooth tire bead removal
  • Thin-bladed tip manoeuvres under even the tightest tyre bead
  • Wide and reinforced body promotes confidence even with the most challenging tires
  • Extra-long polymer tab to properly spread hydraulic disc brake pads
  • Slide-fit system keeps the tire tool pair securely together.

*Steel core ends prior to lever tips – this design prevents damage to rims due to excessive user force.