Trainer Floor Mat


Part #16985

We know you love your Omnium Portable Trainer, but you’re left wondering how you could possibly love indoor cycling training even more?

With our non-slip and water-repellent (aka sweat) Floor Mat is designed to keep you safe and protect your floors and carpets while in your cycling cleats. The Floor Mat can also ensure firm contact with the ground and prevent movement during your leg-busting interval training.

Add a Sweat Guard to your indoor cycling collection and you’ve got a training party!

    • Non-slip surface keep you safe while in cycling cleats
    • Protects floors from sweat and bike grime
    • Water-repellent surface does what it was designed to do – keep sweat off your floor
    • Compress-ability ensures trainer stays put during intense efforts
    • Easily rolls up for storage
    • Cleans easily with soap and water
    • Absorbs noise and vibration
    • Enhances overall stability of any indoor trainer setup
    • 4mm (5/32″) thickness is optimal balance of support and storage