Pro Elite Commercial Clamp

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Commercial Bike Repair Stand Upgrade

Premier upgrade for your bike workshop repair stand. 

Our patented Secure-Lock ratchet-action closure and push-button release clamp head, found on the award-winning Pro Elite Repair Stand, became so popular we decided to make it compatible with steel bike shop repair stands.

The versatile and patented 83mm (3.25") wide clamp is capable of managing any bike frame diameter, up to 66mm (2.6"). When you see the Pro-Elite Commercial Clamp upgrade in your bike shop, you know you’re in the presence of experts.

NOTE: This is NOT a suitable upgrade for our folding tripod repair stands. 

    • Patented seat post / frame clamp features push-button release, ratchet-action closure and micro-adjustability
    • 360-degree rotating clamp design provides easy access to any part of your bicycle
    • Rubber-coated, 83mm (3.25") wide clamp secures and protects expensive bicycle components and beautifully painted frames
    • Clamp opening up to 66mm (2.6") accommodates even the largest diameter frame tubes
    • Heavy-gauge steel construction is stout, stable and incredibly durable
    • Total load capacity of 39kgs (85lbs) accommodates service on any bike, including electric bikes and cargo bikes
    • 3-Year Warranty.