Hey guys. Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks…. Not only does Feedback make the best products to help me during my “day job” as the chief mechanic for the nation’s top collegiate team  but they also help me keep things tidy in my small downtown apartment with my bikes and girlfriend’s bike. Velo Hinge and 2x Velo Wall Rack. Boom!

Michael Kubancsek Director of Operations, Marian University Cycling

I have traveled around the world to race and there are some places that are NOT conducive to cycling outside leading up to the event. Not only that, but sometimes the weather can be awful (down pouring rain, really really cold, etc.) prior to the race, and you just don’t want to risk riding outdoors.  I can think of so many races over the past couple of years where having this would have been SO so helpful. It’s a carry-on; lightweight and easy to bring with me, so I don’t have to worry about mapping out a ride route in an unfamiliar city now. The Omnium will keep me safe and remove much of the travel hassle I experienced over the past couple of seasons.  No assembly required–just set it up and hop on for a spin. And in case anyone is wondering, you can do a complete workout on it as it can definitely handle the watts.

Lauren Barnett Professional Triathlete

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